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your prediction gary. >> loving jpm. >> all right. john your prediction?
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>> bermuda up 20 percent. >> toby. >> ireland is on fire. ahir. up 20 percent. >> you have kissed thelarney stone. that is top oforning to allful you. happy st. paddy's day. neil take it away. >>o you want to know why our debt is a problem? maybe because the guy in charge of the country doesn't think it is a problem. why pnic over 16 trillion in debt when president obama doesn't appear to hit the panic button. for the next 10 years it is in a sustainable place. >> if he's not worrying, is it any wonder senate democrats want to keep on spending, after waiting four year to cook up a budget, try two
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trillion bucks in more debt over the next 10 years cooked. feeling well done? how about just done. charles, and dagen and adam and charlie, all right. charles, yeah, yeah. great job . yway, i told them that you were me. see how that goes. nyeah, okay. i can handle that. all right. what do you make of this and all of the sudden, you can deny the problem and then the probm i guess goes away? i don't think in this case it goes away. >> when saw that george stephanopoulos interview imented to scream and cry and i wasn't -- >> at george stephanopoulos or the president. >> i am not sure. i feltment say way with dennis rodman's interview. the idea there is no crisis
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there is obviously a disconnect. the there is a crisis. the president keeps saying if we don't figure out how to shuffle out trillion necessary u.s. economy and fight global warming because it gets one degrees warmer in the next hundred yearings. the clock never stops moving and it is an immediate crisis and high suld be honest about that. >> dagen, he saying in and of itself, the balanced budget is not the goal. it is getting to that, but not at the expense of bla, blarks. >> and in saying that and spending not being a problem and hearing henry reid saying don't touch entitlementings and nancy pelo saying don't raise the retirement age and sh allings id we don't have a spending problem . i put it together. >> right. my fave rilt little,
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to the president was hundred billion in new infrastructure spending that is in the budget . they are freely raising new revenue through taxes in this budget. it is like one and half trillion dollars in tax revenue . that is on top. 600 billion in higher taxes this yearnd on top of the more than one trillion in obama care taxings. >> this is it a blueprint. >> it doesn't balance anything. >> it is a blueprint for what the president and democrats want higher taxs and more taxes and they will spend until the bond market said hold it. you can't spend and sell debt anymore. >> i think it is fascinating the way he put a time stamp on it. like 10 years, it is way out there in the future. 10 years comes pretty quick. i think what is scary about this and the media lets him
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get away with is it because obama snds smart but what you strip down what he said it is actually pretty stupid. we can right now sell debt. but in 10 years suggesting we have a problem and that is not coming in like tomorrow, is stupid. listen, youment to give the president respect. bright guy but his statement stupid. >> adam, you agree with that? >> no, i don't. ip don't think that calling the president is stupid. >> his statement, his statement. >> let me try to understand. >> don't put words in my mouth. >> let adam answer. >> he said and i think rightly so that we shouldn't get so concerned that we have a problem tomorrow that we do something stupid. he said of course, i agree and understand we need to get this
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under control and we have time to do that. by the way, there is a difference between saying the senate democratic budget calling for spending that is true . saying it will not attack the deficit or debt problem that is not true. they project it will reduce. i don't think w are as far apart as we on the show. the democrats and republicans in congress, are far aparent. congressman ryan budget. >> how does he know that you know what doesn't hit the fan. he's saying 10 years. >> you are talking about a time stamp. he's not talking a time year. >> how do you know 10 years as oppose tod fich years that wall street and global financial community. >> you are asking a circular
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question. the issue to the point to me, he seems to be saying i don't want to risk and overdo, paraphrasing what europe has done and cut their way in austerity. i remind people. we are not doing anything approaching anything close to this. if you are concerned that all of the sudden we are going to be greece. >> and although they use the term austerity. it is it higher taxing in europe. >> and a that austerity is slog the rate of growth and pushing back. >> right. and so if someone said austerity doesn't work you are saying higher taxes doesn't work. obama is raising taxes on small busisses. he raised taxes on every single american. this man, this president is
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for austerity. he doesn't label it that but for it >> he is a smart man. not according to charlie. >> he did not sighment president stupid. economically he doesn't make sense. >> charlie said the statement stupid and i usually want to smack charlie. >> your point is what? >> my point is that the president is echoing what the american people feel. what is pal papable to them is extremely low interest ratings. you can borrow money to buy a house that most people haven't seen. >> it is hard to get a loan. >> there is not a lot of for gasoline. >> i am glad you brought that up. the people may feel that way and the people including the president. what he is saying. someone went to a dollar it is and the doctor said you may have cancer .
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instead of snoking one you oke two. it may not be full-blown cancer and they can understand that analogy. that is where we are going. >> if he is playing into it. >> you remember the last great economic prediction before the 10 yearonsense. the stimulus pn would sto unemployment and we would have five percent unemployment and noup it is 10 years. >> why is walm wall racing to these new highs. >> take about rate to zero. >> we knew it would happen before. >> we had res low. >> that's right. of course. >> i don't understand. >> yeah, you do. the fed is buying like crazy and why is it clicking? >> all . sudden the dow went. >> w do we have this record. >> it went from 6 to 15. >> does that anything to do with it. the white, hear me out.
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if we are so stupipped or the way we say things that stound stupid, fine. why is the market doing so we >> take interest rate to zero and reduce bond yields to almost nothing anyone with hamp a brain and dollar bias. >> wall street must have a hamp a brain and more tha a few dollars. i can't believe i am say >> investors are buying stockings. >> you are buying a stake in the american company. >> commodities, gasoline. low interest ratings. >> commodities, when we come back. you must be doing something right when you tick off the stars and the sheiks. this is the f f f f f f
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on to fox the sheiks have hit the fan. demand for the oil is going down . american production to sale oil is going up. con? yoko saying oh, no. no, we are not provide examplings was her singing. i will spare you that. we have dagen here yoko is tick at us. >> opeconsideris mad because you are not using enough oil and hollywood mad because you are using oil and producing
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it. it is a perfect world. >> that is very well put. >> you only need to talk to the people of north dakota lowest unemployment rate. 3.2 percent and that is one of the biggest destinations for americans as they are migrating. moving there because of the shell oil . because. >> get it -- >> you know what pizza tastes like there? >> where in north dakota? >> i would rather go to detroit. >> i love north dakota. >> i know neal said it is a beautiful state. >> you know i lived there a year and a half. >> you are urban. >> when the snow flowers are up it is wonderful. >> listen, this whole thing they are nuts. >> these actors. not opec. >> darryl hannah is.
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>> you never looked at splash. >> and in the report retail sales report, imagine if we uld unlock all of the energy we - have here. that is holding us back. >> is that why opec's number down. jay carny mentioned this. this green energy initiative is much more important than everyone watching the show having lower energy billings. or employment. >> this is for adam and his buddies let us eat cake moment. >> there is not an elitist bone in adam's body. >> who cares if the working class people are not working. >> you said you would never go to north dakota. >> we have in new york state, you know, we should be fraking here. >> and why don't you -- you owe him an apology.
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>> adam in all seriousness, is there a connect between our going with frake opec now screaming? >> there is no question. in the span of a few short years we have gone from being concerned and dependent on opec to being close to achieving energy independence in the united stes. >> what has don that president's push for solar that hasn't panned out. >> no. >> or turning another eye on fraking and sort of letting that go and letting that do its thing? >> no argument. opening up. vast north american reserves much natural gas and oil completely changed the equation. >> and also. it is actually. >> we should pursue. >> darryl hana is a flack for opec. >> she is a pr person. >> you know, i always wondered
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what happened. >> they were like, stretching the skin. >> what happened with -- go ahead. >> this is business and the free market at work because you have private industry that is exploit doing the oil and you have the free market. gasoline prices is high a that played into this. we have adjusted and driving more fuel efficient cars and pulled back demand and that is make bei us industry. >> not charles. he comes here -- and looking for a new truck right now. six tires and two engines. >> and all of these vehicles are now efficient. >> and still if you look. >> the fuel efficiency standarpeds were led by the president. >> if the president really, really, really want to take the economy to the next level, you do the keystone project and you don't go on the land
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owned by the government. you increase it. that's one of the key things we have seen. gas prices are killing people right now. >> when president obama supports ben bernstein and keeping enter rates low. gasoline prices will go up . for him to not allow us to do fraking. >> you know, he'sot. >> he's not allowing it. not enough. >> he's drinking tea with what her name. >> let's get the economy going. >> when we come back. forget about napping on the job. naps are part of the job. nap rooms at work that has the forbes gang staying up at night. up next. picking out cash for the atm, you better watch your back. someone may be spying on you from inside . atm.
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>> i am so glad you folks are not here during the break. you think i center a hard time during the show. the red, white and blue look being at your green. obama administration planning to let spy agencies guessing through your finances. it is it going after terrorist including charles? what do you think of that? >> i can't believe that this same president that rail would
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against the patriot act. are you serious? the ghost of the andrew napolitano . that sounds like it goes against everything it stands for. that is transactions to find out what is going on with the terrorist. it is too much and we have to draw the line in the sand. >> what do you think? >> i think the f.b.i. has acess to this. it is suspicious financial transactions. >> say you popped up on the radar >> f.b.i. . you should let c.i.a. and them do whatever the f.b.i. does. i have no problem if it means fighting terrorist. >> you can use tt as a lotex>> look at elliott sphitzer. >> i feel so bad with the former governor of new york who came up with many
1:56 am
ridiculous cases and some good ones. he saw a money transfers to the house of ilrepute and caught with infamous client number nine. there is so much they can do already. >> i have no expectation of privacy at all. >> so much they do. why don't we have hearings to figureut what? >> i think baghdadit had the name. we have up expectation of privacy . if something goes in ts, our whole life is an open book. >> i don't depis agree with charlie. we should have hearings and be thorough. if i have to choose between in ask water boarding, i would choose this in a heart beat. >>id will choose water boarding. >> that is insane. >> adam. >> explain that. up are saying all . sudden that would compel you.
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>> one violates our prince pems and the another -- other is done by law enforcement. >> you used to rip the bush administration for going beyond the bounds of priority d military isn't that the same things? >> i am with dagen on this. i don't have huge concerns over privacy. >> you should. privacy is a constitutional act. when why catch a terrorist, they are not bound by the constitution. water board away. >> we have a lot more comin up. everybody lorfs a underdog [ lisa ] my name's lisa, and chantix helped me quit. i honestly loved smoking,
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